Monogram Linen Etiquette

{Photo Source: Leontine Linens}

The crocus are up so I'm getting my Easter table setting together.  It's time for a new set of fresh linen napkins for the table this year and have always loved this Scout Guide blog article about the process. “Monograms can be rendered in as many styles as there are personalities,” Leontine Linens owner and founder Jane Scott Hodges writes in Linens: For Every Room & Occasion. To help demystify the sometimes overwhelming process of finding the monogram style that suits you, we asked the experts at Leontine—which is celebrating 20 years of creating custom linens—what to consider when selecting a personal design. Here are their recommendations:  
Don’t feel restricted by rules. While there is a longstanding tradition and etiquette to selecting your monogram and what initials to use, our philosophy is to not be beholden to any one doctrine or rule. In today’s world, we prefer to think of your monogram as something uniquely and perfectly suited for you and your personality.
Know the components. The initials you choose to combine, the letterforms themselves, the color combinations, and the item you are personalizing all come together to create a truly bespoke item that is yours and yours alone. To that end, here are a few things to consider when making your selection:
  • The Single Initial: The perfect style to represent just a first or last name. A single letter is a nice option for a guest room or informal table linens.
  • Two Letter – Cipher: A cipher is a decorative two-letter monogram that can be used to combine two first names or two last names. 
  • Two Letter – Traditional: A two-letter monogram in a traditional format that places both letters side by side and the same size and, like the cipher, can be used to combine a first and last name or two last names.
  • Three Letter Traditional: The most popular of all monogram designs, where the surname appears center and larger. Traditional etiquette is to use the lady of the house’s initials: first, last, maiden. However, modern tastes have evolved to replace the maiden initial with the husband’s first initial.
  • Three Letter Straight Across: A three-letter monogram that reads straight across is designed for an individual’s name and is not suited for a couple who wishes to combine their initials. These styles are commonly used for gentlemen, but are also popular for a modern twist throughout the home.

Happy New Year! 2017

Best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year!  We are so thankful for all of our clients and supportive partners.  Cheers to a brilliantly creative and prosperous 2017!

La Dolce Vita Blog : Gift Guide

Paloma Contreras' La Dolce Vita blog has been on my daily go to inspiration list for years.  She's a talented interior designer with just perfect taste on all levels.  I pretty much follow her fav lists exactly and refer anyone looking for gift inspiration right to her holiday gift guides.  Every time I think I should expand my wardrobe beyond black and white I'm reminded why I love it. Note #'s 1-4 and 11-14 above!   Here's what I've been craving from this year's "for her" list.

{Photo Credit: LaDolceVitaBlog}

Autumn Literary Gala

I am a big fan of a simple and clean palette and anything with gold and wooden accents so when this event theme evolved into all of the above we enjoyed crafting every minute. Since the building where the event is typically held was under construction we used that as our inspiration and incorporated the actual blueprints into the theme, blueprint blue became the event design base.  Textures and subtle modern pattern were woven throughout and lots of cozy throws were on hand for guests as the night got chilly.  I always enjoy branding an event.  Pillows were made with the event logo, all signage was custom made and waiters wore canvas construction aprons with the event logo embroidered on each one.  Above are some of the getting ready photos that we normally don't even get a chance to take!  Got a few of the team setting up this time.

{Image Source: Mary Harris Events}

We carried the blue print theme into custom made wraps for the candles above.  Guests were led into the party by La Vie En Rose and Upbeat Elegant French Jazz Band and settled into play games set at each coffee table.  Just like home at our house!  It was one of the last truly gorgeous evenings of the fall.

{Image Source: Mary Harris Events}

Sarah and Evan's Gorgeous Garden Wedding

Photography by: John DeFiora Photography

Sarah and Evan's June wedding was a true collaboration.  We enjoyed every minute from the days and days spent on the hunt for the perfect pinks to the signature drink tastings and tree pruning consults.  A year of fun details all led up to a perfect day at Sarah's childhood home in New Jersey surrounded by her parents fanciful perennial garden, brother Brandon doing the ceremonial honors.  We had an amazing team throughout!  Special thanks to Dahlia Florals for all the extras :-) Gary Giberson at Sustainable Fare, our caterer who almost never does a private event unless it's really special, Sperry Tents New Jersey who stayed on call the whole week, John DeFiora who kept us all laughing and camera ready, Eddie Bruce Orchestra who kept the the dance floor full
 Wildflour Bakery for all the gluten-free treats, Little Black Dress Paperie for every custom piece of paper we dreamed up, Lucid Lens Films, and Cosmo Bleu

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