Sarah and Evan's Gorgeous Garden Wedding

Photography by: John DeFiora Photography

Sarah and Evan's June wedding was a true collaboration.  We enjoyed every minute from the days and days spent on the hunt for the perfect pinks to the signature drink tastings and tree pruning consults.  A year of fun details all led up to a perfect day at Sarah's childhood home in New Jersey surrounded by her parents fanciful perennial garden, brother Brandon doing the ceremonial honors.  We had an amazing team throughout!  Special thanks to Dahlia Florals for all the extras :-) Gary Giberson at Sustainable Fare, our caterer who almost never does a private event unless it's really special, Sperry Tents New Jersey who stayed on call the whole week, John DeFiora who kept us all laughing and camera ready, Eddie Bruce Orchestra who kept the the dance floor full
 Wildflour Bakery for all the gluten-free treats, Little Black Dress Paperie for every custom piece of paper we dreamed up, Lucid Lens Films, and Cosmo Bleu

Perfume Theme Wedding Shower

Once we got our perfume theme for Sarah's wedding shower it wasn't hard to come up Coco Chanel accessories for the selfie station, a make your own perfume table to create favors for guests to go home with.  We collaborated with @prettyposhdesign for the gorgeous centerpieces. #‎showerthemes‬ ‪#‎newjerseyweddings‬ ‪#‎bridalshower‬‪#‎newjerseyweddingplanner‬ ‪#‎perfumetheme‬ ‪#‎dworkinlove‬ #chanel

Networking Etiquette

Well I wrote my first newspaper article a couple of weeks ago and the editor didn't rip it apart which is a good sign.  He did change the title and made a few additions.   It came out when I was on vacation so I'm a little late in posting.

Reprinted from the March 30, 2016, issue of U.S. 1 Newspaper
Networking Etiquette From a Pro
by Mary Harris
Of all of the topics that I weave into my etiquette presentations, business networking is one that I always make sure to spend a few minutes on no matter what the overall theme of the training is. Avoiding potentially embarrassing slip-ups early in a professional relationship will help leave a favorable first impression.

Navigating the waters of networking events can be challenging. A sea of people lie in front of you, so having a plan for what you want to accomplish before you arrive is important. Your goal may be to quickly meet as many people as possible, or you may only want to meet the keynote speaker. Either way, it’s good to know that in advance so you can stay focused.

When first greeting someone, be sure to give a firm but not crushing handshake. Make eye contact, smile, and state your name slowly. If you have found that people often have trouble recalling your name or you just want to be more memorable, you can give a small piece of information about yourself or provide another easy way to remember you. I just met a woman who introduced herself as Reagan (like Ronald) Haines.

She gave me a quick and easy way to remember her. The next time we meet there is a better chance I’ll recall her name. If you meet someone with a name that is difficult for you to understand it is OK to ask them to repeat their name or to ask them to speak slowly. But do not dismiss them by saying that their name is too difficult to understand or that you’ll never remember it. 
Click to read the entire article.

Cookie Inspiration

I got a little sidetracked while doing bridal shower research and inspiration today and found these baby shower invites and matching cookies on Paperless Post's Blog.  I'm going to have to reach out to former brides and see if anyone's expecting!  

The sources and more inspiration on

Cookies by Sweet Kiera. Cake by Pretty Please.

Engagement Ring Etiquette

Engagements happen all year but the months from November through Valentine's Day are the height of engagement season.  This time of year we're getting lots of calls and emails from couples beginning to make their wedding plans and love seeing our couples post ring shots on Instagram. The history is the diamond solitaire engagement ring initially came about as a form of insurance to protect woman in case her betrothed broke off the engagement.  This article from Who What Wear article gives some of more of the history and engagement ring etiquette and tips like, picking out the ring, other ring choices, splitting the cost, and what to do if the engagement is broken off

Credit: heirloom velvet ring boxes from The Mrs. Box
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