How to Wear White Tie

{The Queen of England, President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, The Duke of Edinburgh} 
Photo Credit: Reuters

So this has come up a couple of times this week with my wedding clients.  What is formal, what is black tie, what is white tie.  I realized there is some confusion.  When a bride recently asked me if she could have black tie on the invitation I pointed out that if the groomsmen and groom were all wearing blue suits then you couldn't ask the guests to come in black tie.  Then after seeing the POTUS this week in London in a bizarrely ill-fitted waistcoat (Google it), I thought some clarification may be helpful.  The Brits do it the best so I re-posted below the British GQ article on "The White Tie Dress Code Explained" 
What is a white tie dress code? Black tie vs white tie: what's the difference? What to wear to a white tie event? Can you wear white tie to a black tie event? What do you wear to a white tie wedding? and White tie etiquette.

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