Kombucha Signature Drink Mocktails

{Photo: itsavegworldafterall.com}

I was late to the kombucha craze, and on purpose too.  If there is a trend that everyone is on I generally run in the other direction but when I started to eat cleaner and cut way back on alchohol consumption I started mixing my own mocktails in the evenings using seltzer, lemons, ginger juice, cayenne and herbs.  My mocktails looked as pretty as those a proper mixologist would make.  One busy week I was looking for a short-cut and decided to give into kombucha.  It's replaced my cocktails 90% of the time and it's way healthier.  The movement toward drinking less across generations is real and companies like Curious Elixirs make is easy and stylish.   With all of these options this wedding season's signature drinks should include at least one mocktail!
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