Summer Houseguest Etiquette

{Photo of Redcraft via designer Steven Gambrel}

As the summer winds down and we juggle schedules trying to fit in one more precious weekend away don't forget and leave your house guest manners behind.  1.  Host/Hostess Gift: Unless you come every weekend bring a small gift for your hosts.  Candles and scents are my favorite.  2.  Make Your Bed: You're not in a hotel to remember to make your bed before you leave your room for the day.  3.  Be Decisive: If your hosts ask what you 'd like to eat for lunch don't just say whatever, narrowing it down to your tastes is a real help to someone hosting multiple people over the weekend.  4. Make a Meal: Especially if it's a low-key weekend with not a lot scheduled, offer to make a meal one evening.  Barefoot Contessa has some of my favorite quick summer meals.  5. Don't Complain:  If your host asks you if you slept well just say yes!  Don't remark on a lumpy sofa or drafty room.  6.  Don't Overstay: Even if your gracious hosts say stay as long as you'd like just stay for a couple of nights at most, especially if it's a first visit.  7. Say Thank You:  Don't forget to follow up with a thank you note in the mail or I like to bring a couple of sets of my personal stationery and leave a note behind on the dresser or desk of the guest room.
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