Everyday Tipping Etiquette

I had the pleasure to comment the much asked question of when to tip, how much and to who for News12 New Jersey.  The tip jar has maybe been one of the most confusing additions for some.  While you're under no obligation to tip each time, if it's a cafe or establishment you frequent you may want to toss a dollar or two in the jar from time to time.  You can watch the video for more but here is the quick summary:


Restaurants: 15-20% of the pre tax bill is standard.  Don't ever leave no tip.  If you have a grievance bring it to the attention of the manager or maitre d'.  Often tips in restaurants are pooled together so by stiffing one server you're penalizing the rest of the staff.

Buffet Restaurants: 10% of the total bill 
Delivery/Take Out: 10-15%
Bartenders: $1-2 per drink

Hair stylists/colorists: 15-20% of the total
Manicurists: 15% of the total
Waxer: 15% of the total

Bellhop: $1-2 per bag handled
Taxi: 10-15%
Housekeeping: $3-5 per night.  Remember to tip each day since housekeeping staff may change during your stay.

Cleaning staff, dog walkers and babysitters: Cash or a gift equivalent to one week's pay
Movers: $20-50 each person depending on the move.

Some Tips to Skip:  
Mechanics, cable installers, flight attendants, UPS/FedEx drivers

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